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kitty lounge Booking...and special Events

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate 

As per the Ontario Government and public health advisories, you are required to attest to your vaccination status BEFORE coming to the cafe or entrance to the kitty lounge.

**NEW** We can now only accept Vaccine passports with a QR code on them! ***

Please note : This status applies to only those who are aged 12+


If you are NOT fully VACCINATED, please press the Not Vaccinated button. It will return you to the 

home page of the website.

When you arrive for your booking, you will be asked to confirm your status again and complete the waiver.

If you are not vaccinated, you will be denied entry to the lounge and fees will NOT be refunded.

Proof of Vaccination with QR code now required! Entry will be denied if passport has no QR code.

Thank you for continuing to support us as we strive to make this as safe as possible for all to attend.

Alley Cat Crew

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