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Meet our 7 Resident of May 2023 - 9 Resident Cats

Residents 2022.JPG

Meet our 7 Resident Cats. Starting top left. Meet Tahnee, she came to the cafe as a 3 months old kitten together with sister Clementine (top right) when we first opened in August 2019. These two are a dynamic duo that love to play and get pets from the visitors. Clementine enjoys her nap time a lot. Tahnee is the more playful sister.

Both came from a local Rescue.

Second Row. Left we have Gracie. On the right we have Nefer. Nefer also joined the Cafe in 2019 with his brother Tipster (Tipster aka. Tippy sadly passed away December 2019). Nefer's sister Gracie joined us in April of 2020. Both were about 10 years old when they joined the Cafe. They came from the Catty Cat Cattuary near St. Catherine's after their Mom and Caretaker passed away. Sweet Gracie can be a little shy at times. Brother Nefer is our Guard Cat in the Kitty Lounge. He will endure pets on his own time;)

Last Row but definitely not least! We have our superstar Ricki. He loves snuggles and being pet and spoiled. He became a Resident at the Cafe shortly after Tahnee and Clementine and is from the same local Rescue. He is a little love bug. 

Middle and last picture, we have Toebean and Smudge. These two joined us January 2020. Toebean is a big Teddy Bear and Smudge is our crazy little floof. They came to us form Hearts4Paws after being rescued. Our goal was to put their not so good past behind them and give them a safe and healthy environment. 

All of our Resident Cats are amazing and we love them dearly. They help with socializing our foster cats and show them the ropes. You will enjoy meeting all of them when you come to visit the Alley Cat Cafe Kitty Lounge.

May 2023. We have taken in Fulla and Freyja, long term fosters at the cafe ( they been with us for a year) and they now have a permantent home at the Alley Cat Cafe.

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