A little word on creating the Website

As we edited and created this website into the early hours of the mornings,the laughs we had with some of our mishaps like "Kitty Paint Nighti" were priceless!

Endless hours of "how does this look", only to be trumped by "and this"? "How come this link doesn't work?, why is there so much space at the bottom of this page"?

"What are the cats up to now?!?!? - OH NO!!!!!!

Some nights felt a little CAT-astrophic! but we had fun!

We loved creating this Website for our old friends, new friends and feline friends!

We hope you will visit the Cafe and meet the fur-babies and us!

Alley Cat Crew - Stratford.



Some pictures we are taking along the way...

Cats leave Paw Prints in our Hearts

Alley Cat Cafe Fashion ;)

Will be available in the Retail Section.