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For happy Cats - during your visit

  • Use Hand Sanitizer to reduce germs for the Cats

  • Take off shoes before entering the kitty lounge

  • Do not pick up Cats or restrict their movement

  • Do not wake up Cats - they need their beauty Sleep

  • Do not feed Cats any human food or belongings (they have a thing for cords and shoelaces.)

  • Bring Dishes back - do not leave anything behind for cats to snack on.

  • Pet at your own Risk! Use caution and slow Motion.

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times! (1 Adult per 3 Children).

  • No Running or rough housing in kitty lounge!

  • Please limit your visit to 1 hour during busy times so everyone gets a chance to visit the kitty lounge.

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